Dental Veneers are another dimension in the Aesthetic Dentistry for the ultimate cosmetic makeover.

With this kind of treatment, it is possible to transform crooked, stained, damaged and badly worn teeth into a brand new straight white teeth. Enabling you to smile with confidence. Presently, veneers are in demand mostly for aesthetic reasons. There are many kind of available.

As seen in the video above, Veneers are very thin laminates or shells of tooth coloured material (which can be  porcelain, ceramic or composite bonding material) that are “cemented” to the front surface of  teeth to improve their cosmetic appearance.

Simply we can say that they work in a similar manner to how false fingernails are placed or glued to your existing fingernails. Veneers are bonded to the front of your existing teeth and we are able to style them for better appearance.


What are the aesthetic uses of dental veneers?

Porcelain veneers can improve the colour, shape and position of teeth.
A precise shade of porcelain can be chosen to give the right colour to improve a single discoloured or stained tooth or to lighten front teeth (usually the upper ones) generally
Veneers can also be used to close small gaps, when orthodontics (braces) are not
If one tooth is slightly out of position, a veneer can sometimes be fitted to bring it into line with the others.


Is it possible to have veneers fitted on the same day?

Usually porcelain veneers are placed over a minimum of two visits . A few cosmetic dentists have invested in CAM/CAD in-house ceramic studios CEREC 3D( CEramic REConstruction) which can custom produce high quality ceramic veneers on site in as little as six minutes. This CEREC 3D technology enables the dental practice to offer single visit, same day ceramic veneers which are fitted within an hour. To know more about Cerec 3D technology please see CEREC 3D.

Is it possible to have veneers fitted on the same day ?

We take  pride in ourselves by having in our dental clinic the first CEREC 3D in house technology. We invested in Cerec 3D because everything can be done just in one sitting (within one hour) for crowns, fillings and veneers. Usualy porcelain veneers are placed  over a minimum of two visits . With this technology we can custom produce higy quality ceramic veneers on site in as little a 6 minutes. There's no need for temprorary replacement or for a return visit. Saving your time is important to us, thus leaving you more opportunity to explore our country or just taking in some R&R time, in any of Hungarian famous wellness spas.

To learn more on Cerec 3D technology please see Cerec 3D.