The Waterlase iPlus dental laser system utilizes revolutionary technology for precise and safe treatment of all hard and soft biological tissues with

  • No Anesthetic,
  • No Pain,
  • No Shot,
  • No Drill,
  • No Fear,
  • No Numb lip,
  • No Scare of Dentistry

but real comfort of being without pain.


This unique technology and powerful laser breaks the barrier for cutting hard tissue and offers cutting speeds faster than a traditional drill.
The” WATERLASE IPLUS” laser allows us to perform many procedures with a single visit with NO PAIN, NO SHOT, NO DRILL AND NO ANESTHETIC basis in dental treatments and  much less post operative symptoms than with traditional drills and cutting instruments.


  • It gets access to cavities without a drill, eliminating all vibration means  uncomparable comfort.
  • One visit treatment of deep periodontal pockets,
  • Bloodlessly trim excess gum tissue,
  • Decontaminate root canals,
  • Instantly treat painful cold sores to stop the pain and get them to heal much more quickly,
  • Eliminate gum infections